We provide excellent products, you provide the craftsmanship.


Besides the product, we consider the application just as important. We guide and advise so that our products are actually used properly. Everything for a successful result. That’s what you want, right?


We help you use it properly

We make chemistry work! In order to make chemistry really work for you we need to make sure that you really know how too use the products properly, because even the bets product can fail to perform its function if it is not used properly. That is why we teach you through our content and advise you in other ways, one amongst them: our training courses.


For us, you are number one

For us, you are number one

Our consultants will be happy to provide a tailor-made workshop specifically for your organisation and your needs. We are happy to create the content that works best for you.

Theory & practice

Words and action – this is what all our training sessions look like. We start with the theory part and then put it into practice. We make sure you not only understand how to do it, but also actually know how to do it.

By Experts

The training courses are delivered by our own technical consultants. This means that you always work with your regular contact person who is not only bursting with knowledge about our products, but also knows a lot about your organisation and the specifics of the services you offer. This allows us to offer the best training possible, which is tailored to your needs.  

Perfect results

This is what our training courses are all about. Achieving perfection requires a good product and the right treatment. The cooperation with our clients and partners delivers the quality we can all be proud of.

Together towards the best result

Testimonials from our students

We are naturally very enthusiastic about what we do, but we also like to let others speak about us.

“I can now confidently tackle the most challenging facade projects and deliver an excellent result for my client.”

D. de Bruin

“The workshop was top-notch. After a morning of theory, learned the intricacies in practice.”


A. de Weert

“Thanks to the graffiti workshop, I am now able to choose and apply the right anti-graffiti products. Highly recommended for everyone in the industry”.


M. van Bergen