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What is the Nitorange?

The Nitorange of Mavro consists of a collection of high-quality, protective color and gloss restoring coatings for non-absorbent substrates. Aware that every substrate, situation and object is different, our team has developed a wide range of renovation coatings.

Permanent coatings, semi-permanent reversible coatings and color coatings, each with their own unique properties. Customization, quality, durability and color restoration, that’s the Nitorange!


When do you use the Nitorange?

Nitorange products are applied to weathered window frames and siding. All materials used outdoors are exposed to wear and tear. Over time, atmospheric pollution from traffic, industry and agriculture will accumulate on facades and buildings and be visible as a gray or black deposit. A facade that has not been maintained for a long time will take on a typical “worn” appearance due to atmospheric pollution. Rain and other moisture can also give an unkempt appearance in the form of puncture marks and green deposits.

How do dull window frames and cladding appear?

Another inevitable wear and tear is the powdering of the paint layer. UV rays corrode the paint layer on window frames and cladding, and the pigments become loose on the surface. This creates a dull and powdery appearance. Wear and tear like this is not a matter of cleaning, but can only be repaired with, for example, a renovation coating from the Nitorange.

By treating a facade, window frame or cladding with a Nitorange coating, the substrate is protected against atmospheric pollution, moisture, solvents, grease and graffiti, among other things. The coatings not only provide up to 15 years of protection, but also offer color restoration, beautification and easy-to-clean properties.


We have a unique product for virtually every surface. Nitorange products can be used on non-porous substrates such as plastic, full-core and facade cladding, (powder-coated) aluminum and coated substrates. Depending on the substrate, we choose the appropriate preservation system.

Benefits of a
renovation coating

Application of a renovation coating from the Nitorange offers many advantages including lowering the frequency of cleaning. Because the coatings protect against atmospheric contamination, the substrate needs to be cleaned less often; thus, lower cleaning and maintenance costs! The lifespan of the substrate is also significantly extended.

Preserving a substrate with a Nitorange product ensures that an object or building looks radiant again for years to come. It is also a cheaper alternative to hiring a painter to repaint all the window frames and cladding.

What products does the Nitorange have?

Depending on the situation, wishes and requirements, there are many options for protecting the substrate. Each product has unique properties. So we have semi-permanent but also permanent coatings as well as permanent color coatings.

A semi-permanent, reversible coating means that the coating can be easily removed after its service life or if damaged. After the coating is removed, it can be reapplied immediately to provide several more years of durability. When a semi-permanent coating has little to endure because it has not been in contact with stubborn dirt or graffiti, a semi-permanent coating provides 1 to 5 years of protection.

In our lab, we have developed several semi-permanent, reversible coatings such as the Nitowax, Nitoshield and Nitocryl®. Each product has its unique properties, but all offer protection against atmospheric contamination. Nitoshield also offers protection against moisture, oils, solvents and greases. All semi-permanent coatings within the Nitorange are transparent and restore the original color and gloss of the substrate.

Unlike a semi-permanent coating, a permanent coating lasts as long as 5 to 10 years! A great solution for long-term maintenance. Our R&D team has developed both transparent and color coatings.

Nitocoat® is a special product. Nitocoat® is a so-called ‘ceramic coating’ based on patented technology. This renovation coating has excellent anti-graffiti properties and offers protection against virtually all types of soiling. This permanent coating can be supplied in high gloss and matt.

In addition to the transparent permanent coating, we also have a permanent coating by color, Nitocolour. This is available in all RAL and NCS colors and can be matte, satin and high gloss as desired. Nitocolour is a polyurethane-based coating and forms a very strong, chemically resistant and flexible protection on almost any surface.

Nitocolour has a lifespan of up to 10 years. This coating also has anti-graffiti properties that make graffiti less adhesive and easy to remove with mild removers.

We have this color coating in both 1- and 2-component, with the 2-component variant having a higher durability. Both products are easily applied with a paint sprayer, roller or brush as you would apply normal paint.

Before applying a renovation coating, the substrate should be thoroughly cleaned and degreased. We have the right products for this as well. Clean the substrate beforehand with Uniclean and degrease it with Isopropanol. After pretreatment, the desired coating can be applied to the substrate.

The application of Nitorange products varies greatly from product to product. For example, Nitowax is applied with a polishing motion but Nitocolour is applied with a roller. We strongly recommend that you seek prior advice from our technical advisors or attend our Nitorange workshop.

A product only really works if you use it properly. That's why we train you.

Applying renovation coatings is a specialty! In this hands-on workshop you will learn the intricacies of the trade and we will tell you how and on what substrates you can apply our renovation coatings.

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Good advice is for free. At least with us it is. Every day, our technical advisers are out in the field inspecting substrates and contamination, setting test pieces and assisting customers in starting up major projects. And during these visits, they have heard many questions pass by. Here are the most frequently asked questions about renovation coatings. Want to know more? Ask away.

Product selection depends on several factors, plus the client’s requirements. Our technical advisors will be happy to visit you on site to discuss requirements and set a sample. 

Semi-permanent coatings are easily removed after their service life using a cleaning agent and can then be reapplied immediately. Permanent coatings generally have a longer life, but must then be removed by sanding before they can be reapplied.

With the exception of Nitowax and Nitoshine, all of our renovation coatings require standard pretreatment:

1.  Cleaning with Uniclean Low Foaming, backed up with a scotch-brite or power sponge. Removal of powdering is an important part of this.
2.  Rinsing with water.
3.  Degrease and dry with Isopropanol
4.  Let dry

No, Nitowax contains a grain that is powerful enough to remove stubborn dirt but does not leave scratches.

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What is your challenge? Chances are we have the solution. Need something that is not in our range? No problem. We will develop a tailor-made solution in our lab. Because we like to go the extra mile for you.

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