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Nano coatings

Nano coatings

Nano coatings are a very interesting “novelty” in the field of surface protection, with superior properties that are not found in other types of coatings. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in coatings for which it is claimed they contain nano particles. Especially within our industry, the use of the term ‘nano’ has increased significantly, sometimes appropriately so, but often only as a marketing gimmick that aims at increasing the perceived quality of a product. Mavro International has been a producer and supplier of various products based on nano particles for years, and handles the use of the term “nano” with the outmost seriousness. We will only use the term nano-coating for products that actually contain nano materials.


Why are nano coatings in such demand

The high demand and interest in nano coating materials is due to their remarkable properties that make them a superiorly effective option for many modern industrial and other applications.

Nanotechnology is a very broad field which in recent years has produced many remarkable innovations and discoveries. Here we only focus on the products and types of applications adopted and produced by Mavro International.
Properties of highly innovative coatings based on nano technology.

Nano coatings offer unique properties due to their small particle size. These coatings are typically multifunctional, possessing one or a combination of the following characteristics:

  Scratch and abrasion resistance,
  Chemical resistance,
  Optical clarity,
  Antistatic properties,
  Strong adhesion to various materials,
  Hydrophobic and oleophobic properties,
  And easy-to-clean or self-cleaning capabilities.

Difference between the concepts “self-cleaning” and “easy to clean”

It’s important to note that “easy-to-clean” and “self-cleaning” are distinct concepts. Easy-to-clean surfaces are those that are less difficult to clean due to their dirt and water repellent properties, however, they still require periodic manual cleaning. On the other hand, self-cleaning surfaces remain clean through active operation, breaking down dirt through sunlight and washing it away with water during rainfall.

Types of nano coatings

Mavro International produces:

  Nano-coatings for various types of substrates.

Nitoguard® high quality coatings based on nano technology

Mavro International’s line of nano-coatings is called Nitoguard®. It features heavy duty protective coatings based on nanotechnology for plastic, glass, textile, wood, ceramic tiles, various types of stone and some other porous materials.

Products featured in the Nitoguard line of products:

  Nitoguard® Textile
  Nitoguard® Plastic
  Nitoguard® Glass
  Nitoguard® Glass SC (self-cleaning)
  Nitoguard® Wood
  Nitoguard® Stone

Get know more about coatings made with nano technology

If you would like to know more about how nano technology can be used in terms of protective coatings, please visit our page about these coatings in the applications section. You can also read the blog post about nano coatings that explains the history, chemistry, and other aspects of these incredibly durable coatings in Mavro international’s blog.

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Seen with the naked eye, glass and plastic are smooth and dense in texture. At the microscopic level, however, the surface is rough and uneven. By sealing the surface with a nanocoating, these unevennesses are filled and the surface becomes truly smooth and hydro- and oleophobic. The smooth surface ensures that water, lime, soap scum and grease cannot get a hold.

Regular cleaning of glass is a labor-intensive job. In addition, glass becomes increasingly rough and porous over time, which in turn allows dirt to adhere better. Together, this makes cleaning glass increasingly difficult, requiring stronger cleaners or a higher cleaning frequency for the same result. By sealing the glass or plastic with a nanocoating, the surface can be cleaned for long periods of time with just a microfiber cloth and clean water.

The action of the self-cleaning nano coating Nitoguard Glass SC only works in areas where there is periodic rainfall, or periodic rinsing with water. If the dirt is not washed away, it will remain loose on the treated surface.

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