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Fosroc products

Fosroc products

Fosroc has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality construction chemicals for more than 80 years. But not only that, Fosroc goes far beyond state-of-the-art products. Fosroc’s specialists are known for providing complete construction solutions, from advice and training to on-site support.

The Fosroc product brands such as Nitoproof, Conbextra, Nitoseal, Thioflex, Proofex, Supercast, Conplast and Dekguard are a true household name in the construction world.

Fosroc’s customers can be found in a wide range of market segments:

  Transport companies
  Utility companies
  Production sites

Fosroc’s products are successfully sold and used in many countries including Europe, Africa, the Middle East, India, North, South and East Asia.

Mavro International and Fosroc have been cooperating for a long time: in 1998, Mavro was formed from Fosroc Netherlands and HIM Chemie. Since its establishment, Mavro has been the distributor of Fosroc products in the BeNeLux.

Expertise and experience go hand in hand in developing, advising and combining various products from our extensive range, tailored to the needs of the construction sector. Fosroc’s range stands for effective and structural tailor-made building solutions.


Fosroc's product range by product group

Are you looking for a total package of protective coatings for concrete and steel? Fosroc’s superior technologies offer a solution for all of your needs. An effective sealing for masonry or protection against exposure to aggressive chemicals, the product lines of Dekguard and Nitocoat, for example, guarantee durable protection.

By adapting our products specificaly, we can offer a technical solution tailored to local environmental conditions, such as extreme weather conditions, air pollutants, aggressive marine situations and a wide variety of chemicals.

Fosroc products offer a particularly effective solution for so-called ‘cool roofs’, solar-reflective cool roofs that save energy, money and Co2 when applied to air-conditioned buildings.

Read more about it in the Cool Roofs Brochure

Concrete, one of the strongest and most durable substrates, is also subject to potential deterioration because of a number of physical, chemical and environmental factors that can shorten the lifespan of concrete.

Fosroc’s high-performance protection systems extend the life of a concrete structure far beyond its original design life. An investment made to extend the life cycle of concrete is an investment that more than pays for itself in the long run.

To prevent the deterioration and decay of concrete by repairing and strengthening, Fosroc offers a range of products in accordance with EN 1504, both in terms of serviceability and technical properties. These products are also excellent for use in new construction projects.

Fosroc is a pioneer in the development of genuine concrete repair materials. Every year, thousands of concrete repair projects are carried out worldwide using Fosroc products and with the use of years of accumulated expertise and experience of Fosroc’s specialists. This experience is reflected in everything they do, from assistance to know-how in application and in-house development of new materials and systems.

Read more about concrete repair and protection in the brochure Concrete Repair and Concrete Finishing

Part of the solutions that Fosroc offers for the cement industry are liquid and powder additives to improve the quality and mixability of cement, thereby reducing cement production costs.

Cement plants worldwide know Fosroc as a reliable and innovative trendsetter for improving cement performance. Their products and comprehensive solutions offer quality improvement solutions for Portland cement, hydraulic and composite cements and blended cements.

Among other solutions, Fosroc developed Cemax Technology, a unique solution for increasing the value of cement production that takes into account all aspects of the process. Cemax performs excellently as a ‘grinding aid and performance enhancer’ and products from the Cemax range are capable of saving up to 40% on grinding costs.

Cemax products consist of:

  Grinding aids for the cement plant
  Performance enhancers and quality improvers
  Special additives such as Raw mill and Coal mill grinding aids

Interested in cement additives? Read the brochure CEMAX Technology

Fosroc is an undisputed pioneer in terms of a wide range of admixtures developed by Fosroc for improved consistency, productivity, innovation and cost-effectiveness of concrete.

Fosroc produces and supplies the following concrete mixes:

  Corrosion inhibitors
  Viscosity modifying admixtures
  Integral waterproofing mixtures
  Curing compounds
  Special admixtures

One of the latest admixtures is the new generation of Superplastifiers developed by Fosroc based on polycarboxylate ether (PCE) technology.

Structuro PCE technology offers the following advantages:

  The ability to create ‘zero defect’ concrete
  The ability to maintain higher slump flow values for two hours
  Self-compacting concrete can significantly reduce placement force
  Good compaction and low voids improve steel protection against corrosion

In addition, Structuro PCE technology is also of great interest to specifiers, producers and users because of:

  Faster placement in adverse conditions
  Non-separated flow within the most congested reinforcement
  Reduced vibration and finishing
  Reduced labour effort
  Improved durability and high early strengths
  Highly effective in cement replacements
  Reduction of noise in the environment and thus improved health and safety conditions

Want to read more about concrete admixtures? Read Brochure Admixture, Admixture Product Guide and Brochure Auracast Solutions

Looking for complete industrial flooring solutions? Fosroc works with all parties involved to find and realise the best solution for your floors using our range of innovative products.

To achieve the greatest possible safety, hygiene and efficiency in the application and use of your industrial floors, Fosroc’s team advises and guides you from the very first step. They start with a careful scan of the environment, the best possible design, the most suitable choice of products and the best possible mode of installation.

This is what Fosroc offers and what you have come to expect; complete solutions and the best technical advice no matter what the flooring project is. They offer a wide variety of cementitious and resin-based technologies including epoxy, polyurethane and MMA.

Fosroc and Mavro International work with a number of carefully selected application companies for high-quality results. We understand better than anyone the stringent hygiene requirements for wall and floor covering systems in food and beverage industries. In addition to operational safety requirements, our floor and wall covering systems are thoroughly tested for thermal shock and chemical resistance, operational safety, chemical and slip resistance and pressure washing and cleaning of surfaces.
Want to know more about industrial flooring?

Read the brochures about Flooring in Food and Beverage industries and industrial floorings

Fosroc’s range does not lack an extensive portfolio of industrial adhesives for tiles and all types of structural bonding including the world-renowned brands Nitobond and Nitotile.

Fosroc manufactures and supplies:

  Segmental bridge construction and general structural bonding of concrete with epoxy-based adhesives
  General purpose concrete adhesives and concrete/mortar modifications based on acrylic emulsion and SBR as binder
  Tile adhesives and grouting products based on polymer-modified cement and epoxy

Fosroc supplies easily applicable and cost-effective systems that have amply proven their technology and effectiveness over the years.

Besides self-levelling subfloor products for tiles in all kinds of projects from industrial to residential, we offer various bonding systems:

  Epoxy resin concrete binder
  Epoxy adhesive for segmental bonding
  Polymer binder and mortar additive
  Slow-curing tile adhesive
  Fast-curing cement tile adhesives
  Chemical-resistant epoxy grout for tiles
  Hygienic, abrasion-resistant stain-free water-mixable epoxy resin for tile joints
  Latex-modified, cementitious grout suitable for ceramic porcelain, granite, marble and cementitious terrazzo tiles
  Multi-purpose tile adhesive for exterior, tile-on-tile, tile-on-glass and specialised applications
  Tile adhesive of tropical quality for damp and fully submerged circumstances.

Want more information on Fosroc range of bonding solvents? Get in touch with them.

Despite the fact that sealants are one of the lowest cost items of a construction project and certainly do not stand out in terms of volume, their presence and performance is an essential component for the integrity and durability of any construction. The specific application of correct sealing technology requires expertise, experience and the right product.

Fosroc manufactures and supplies:

  Cast sealants – exclusively designed for horizontal joints in floors and pavements
  Sealants for sealant sprayers – suitable for use in vertical and horizontal joints

Of course, the choice of the right sealant is determined by the properties required for each application. Such as, how fast-curing, flexible and durable should the sealant be.

The Fosroc product Thioflex 555 has been specially developed as an exceptionally durable, cost-reducing innovative and fast-curing sealant for street pavements.

What properties should an ideal sealant have?

  Stable in storage
  No mixing required
  Easy to apply
  Good adhesion without primer on joint surfaces
  Minimal shrinkage after application in the joint
  No leeking or staining of surrounding substrates
  Good cohesion: freedom of movement without splitting
  Resistant to chemical spillage
  Resistance to weathering, ageing and bacterial attack
  Retention of elasticity and other desirable physical properties
  No regular maintenance required
 Recoverable if seal is damaged
  Complies with relevant standards

Unfortunately, there is not one sealant that combines all these properties together, but that is not a bad thing either. To make the right choice, you must first decide which properties are indispensable for your specific application.

Want to know more about joint sealants? View the Sealants Brochure and Nitoseal Brochure

In our customers’ experience, Fosroc’s cement and epoxy resin mortars consistently outperform industry standards. These products establish the ultimate bond on a durable foundation.
One of Fosroc’s star products is the Conbextra joint mortar, a leading example of a reliable precision mortar with exceptional flow, stability and strength for decades.

Fosroc’s range offers a number of quality mortars for various applications:

  Conbextra GP and Conbextra HF – Cementitious mortar for supporting columns, stanchions and bases
  Lokfix – Polyester and epoxy resin anchors for bolts, starter rods and fixings
  Conbextra HF or TS – Cement adhesive for static base plates
  Conbextra HT – High early strength and operating temperature up to 400 °C  Conbextra EP for dynamic loads such as rails and machine plates
  Conbextra Cable Grout – For post-tensioned cables and fine trenches

Fosroc Lokfix resin anchors are high-quality adhesive systems for fixing rebar and wire irons. Credited following the highest standards, they are even suitable for use in seismic areas and can handle the highest possible loads.

The Lokfix range has three different categories:

  For heavy to very heavy fixings in cracked and uncracked concrete and after installation of rebar. This includes anchoring heavy rebar, seismic resistance C1 and C2 etc.
  For medium to heavy fixings in cracked and uncracked concrete and after installation of reinforcement. Also used in stone and masonry.
  For light to medium-weight fixings in uncracked concrete and fixings in masonry. For uncracked concrete, solid and hollow masonry substrates.

Want to read more about casting mortars & anchors? Take a look at the Lokfic Brochure and Grouting Brochure

The Fosroc waterproofing products range offers a full line of world-class waterproofing systems. Do you need waterproofing solutions high above or deep below ground? Fosroc has a suitable and effective answer for every waterproofing challenge. Among its waterproofing solutions, you will find waterstops, waterproof membranes, joint seals and protective coatings.

One of Fosroc’s iconic waterproofing products is Proofex Engage, a pre-applied, mechanically bonded underground waterproofing system, now installed on millions of square metres for various projects around the world.

The large roll of 38 m2 Proofex Engage is relatively easy to apply at high speed. The cell matrix is robust and when tested for perforation resistance according to EN 12691, a drop height value of more than 1.5 m is achieved.

When rainwater, groundwater, sewage or soil contaminants affect your project, you can rely on cost-effective and sustainable solutions from Fosroc’s extensive portfolio and expertise.

Want to know more about waterproofing? Take a look at the Proofex Engage brochure, Waterstop brochure and Waterproofing brochure.

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We make chemistry work! Easy to shout. That's why we like to show you. Through training courses, among other things. The best way to show that and how you can achieve perfect results. Because a successful result is and remains a combination of products and craftsmanship.

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