What is the challenge you face in terms of surface protection or cleaning? Chances are we have the solution you are looking for or we are able to produce it for you. Let us help you choose the best pick from our wide range of cleaning and protection products, or present a different solution for you.


Here at Mavro International, you will find the solution for cleaning and protecting almost every surface there is. We manufacture and supply high-quality products in the fields of anti-graffiti, industrial cleaning, and surface maintenance and protection. We are ambitious and aim for a sustainable range of professional cleaning products and protective coatings for every type of surface. We strive for perfection in the long term. 

Protective coatings

To preserve and protect facades, floors, (infrastructural) works of art and many other surfaces, coatings and impregnants are the best solution.

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Professional cleaning products

At Mavro, we pride ourselves on developing and manufacturing our products ourselves. In this way, we can be sure of the high quality of products that must produce impeccable results.

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Graffiti removers

Graffitis come in many different forms. Beautiful forms, when they are a mural or work of art. But it becomes a lot less beautiful when graffiti is unwanted and illegally applied to,…

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What are your expectations, requirements, wishes and needs? Let one of our advisers help you define exactly all of the above. Then we will make a custom proposal that fits your situation.

Subsurface inspection

The condition of the substrate or surface that needs to be cleaned or protected plays a major role. We usually do a thorough inspection and then choose the suitable cleaning product or protection system.

Trial setting

We don't want any surprises. That is why we first set up a test piece in our lab or at your premises. This is how we guarantee the quality of the result.

Advisory report

Our advisor will create a customised advisory report for you, describing step-by-step how to carry out the work.

Project guidance

If required, we offer personal guidance during project start-up and are ready to provide support where needed.


It's more than just a product

We make chemistry work! The best way to show you how you can achieve great results is through our training courses. Because a good result is always a combination of great products and diligent work.


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We are happy to review your problem or situation with you. Help you with our products or come up with the solution, if it doesn’t exist yet.