About us

We are a devoted team of individuals passioned about finding the best solutions for the protection, cleaning and maintenance of most surfaces that cover your homes, businesses, vehicles and infrastructure you use every day. We develop from scratch the products that we produce, market and deliver to professionals and homes alike. Since we take care of all the aspects of product development, manufacture, distribution and marketing, our team is made of individuals with different specialisations, but with a common passion: surface improvement technology.

Maarten Verduin




We have a solution for every problem. This is not an overstatement, just a description:

We have been doing this for a while. And in all these years we have seen and tested a lot of different compounds, recipes and products. More often than not, we came to the same conclusion: we can do better. Either we can create a better product for the same price or we can teach our customers to use products in a better way. Every challenge requires its own approach and we are as serious about educating our clients as we are about creating excellent products.

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The rich history of Mavro

The beginning of Mavro International

Two former employees of Fosroc and HIM Chemie in Velsen-Noord, Michael Mavromatis and Guido Van der Borne, open the first branches of Mavro International in Zaltbommel and Antwerp. We supply construction chemical products, such as flooring systems, coatings and casting mortars. Hence our name: Materials For Renovation and Maintenance.


Environment first

We move from Zaltbommel to Den Bosch. Mavro has been working with ecologically responsible products from the start. Since this year, methylene-based products for graffiti removal are no longer allowed. As a result, increasingly friendly removers are being developed in the market. Right up our alley.


Different direction

We shift our focus from construction chemicals to anti-graffiti systems, industrial cleaners and coatings. And we introduce Nitocoat®, a unique protector that revives the color of weathered substrates and protects them from contamination.


Back to Zaltbommel

We have outgrown our premises in Den Bosch. The move to Zaltbommel gives us some air. We make sure that we also have a laboratory in our new building. Our team continues to work on development and growth.


New management

Maarten Verduin succeeds founder Michael Mavromatis as managing director. Maarten has worked at Mavro for many years and has great ambitions. Together with his team he aims for innovation, sustainability and growth. Own production increases strongly this year.


Fresh look

Our new corporate identity is launched. Customers respond enthusiastically to our updated presentation.


Nitorange and webshop

We shift focus and go for deepening and expanding our range of cleaners, removers, protectors and specialties. Our R&D specialists have been working hard in our laboratory and are introducing Nitorange. This new product line offers customized color and gloss restoring coatings. And our new webshop also goes live: perfect for placing orders quickly and easily.


Mavro Italy

Our orders come from all over the world. A special milestone is our branch in Milan: Mavro Italy SRL. Our international ambitions are increasingly taking shape.


Mavro Slovenia

Under the management of Rok Kajzer Vukša, Mavro International’s Slovenian branch has been successful for years in the Balkans.” We cooperate with public transport companies, municipalities and contractors. The opening of our branch in Ljubljana brings customers even closer.


ISO 9001 certified

We meet internationally recognized quality management standards. Customers can be confident that Mavro International delivers consistent products and services that meet their expectations.


Constrution plans

As a growing company - we export to 23 countries - we are in need of more spacious housing. We make plans, consult with the municipality and environmental department, and acquire a lot at De Wildeman business park in Zaltbommel. Construction begins: a production hall, warehouse, laboratory and offices. Everything under one roof and according to the latest sustainability requirements.


New building in Zaltbommel

Mavro exists for 25 years. We celebrate it with the opening of our brand new building. At the same time, we have a new corporate identity. And we also receive the FD Gazellen 2023 Award for the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. An office and warehouse are opened in Slovenia with the possibility of picking up orders.


Ready for the future

We are completely settled in our new premises and continue to spread our wings. Our customer base and team are growing. Our products go to more than 30 countries, including outside Europe. We are steering towards a high-quality assortment that is even more bio-based and sustainable.


Just like that. In our lab.

So, we decided to create better products then those that the market offers. Simply. In our lab. Our people get to the bottom of the challenge you are faced with and solve it. You might say that our lab is where “the magic happens” but for our technicians it is above all a great “solution centre”.

It is the place where we research, test, and develop. The place where our research & development specialists get plenty of room to look for and test bio-based raw materials and other sustainable alternatives. Better for people and the environment and less dependent on the constant changes in the oil and gas industry. Of course, all our formulas are tested on numerous substrates. This is how we make sure our chemistry really does what it is supposed to do.

We are open for change and transparent when it comes to communication with our clients and partners. Is chemistry mysterious? Not to us. Come inside our lab and take a look at how we do things. Present us with your challenge, and see us finding an optimal solution.



Customers know us for our diligent service and the unparalleled quality of the products we produce. We strive to building long-term relationships with our repeat customers, rather than making quick. We deliver quality, both in terms of products and advice. That is why we are ISO 9001 certified.



Our industry is all about one thing: a product must deliver what it promises. If you want to market detergents or coatings under your brand, you need to create a product that really works. However, there is a shortcut! You can ask us – experts of more than 20 years – to create high performing professional products which you can market under your brand of choice.   

At Mavro International, we have years of experience in cooperation with various partners and offering products that are sold under private labels. Our chemistry does what it is supposed to do and we know which scents and colours customers like most. We have over 400 basic recipes to choose from. And if what you are looking for is not inside our list, we are happy to develop a custom product for you.

We offer plenty of options in terms of packaging formats; from 100 ml to 1,000 litres. We also provide support in developing labels, product sheets and safety sheets, so that they meet the requirements of the latest regulations.

Co Dammers

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Social contribution

At the heart of society

At Mavro International, we are committed to the community. We enjoy contributing to local initiatives, such as sports clubs and cultural associations in various places in the Netherlands. These are often small-scale projects that we embrace. It gives us a good feeling.

Inclusivity is very normal for us. Our team therefore consists of a diverse group of people. We work together with people from different backgrounds.

We offer trial placements, there is room for internships and graduation assignments, and we welcome people with a WIA or Wajong background. It works!

Want to know how we make a social difference?



At Mavro, we think with you and for you. We work passionately every day to make high-quality professional cleaning products, protective coatings, and construction chemicals. It is in our interest that you achieve success using or selling our products. In other words: your success is our success.



At Mavro, we work heart. And no, that is not a spelling mistake. We work from a vision and with a passion to preserve, beautify and restore all kinds of surfaces. Our team is diverse and unified at the same time. Each one of us individuals is always ready to assist other team mates. This is why working at Mavro International is a great experience, for each one in his or her own way.